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Natural Tableware

Divided Plates Made From Corn
Corn Divided Plates
Bowls Made From Corn
Corn Bowls
Utensils Made From Corn
Corn Utensils
Infant Bowl & Spoon Made From Corn
Infant Bowl & Spoon
Infant Feeding Spoons Made From Corn
Feeding Spoons

Natural Tableware

NATURALLY...BPA free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free!

What’s the secret for getting kids to eat well? Make it FUN! Entice your little ones to eat right, with their own special tools. Our natural corn plates, bowls & utensils help ease the transition to solid foods and self feeding. Because they’re lightweight and ReUsable, they’re also perfect for the lunchbox crowd. All you need…patience and a sense of humor! Hand Wash.

Why Corn ReUsables?

Reducing our dependency on both petroleum-based plastics and disposable ware in general, is an essential step toward a healthier future for our families and our environment. Our reusable Corn products offer a visionary alternative, and a better choice.

Corn, really?

Really! We use a unique corn (PLA) formula. Unlike conventional plastic, which is largely made from petroleum, our bioplastic is primarily made from corn! Polylactic acid (PLA) requires significantly less fossil resources, and generates far fewer green house gases than conventional plastic. And corn is a renewable and sustainable resource.

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