Dandelion Organic Infant Goods
Environmentally Conscience Company
We R Taking It Further

Dandelion offers you peace of mind: products safer for baby, and safer for the planet. But did you know that Dandelion (and Re-Think It, Inc) is creating a Greener work place, too? While going All-the-Way-Green may seem challenging today, we have to begin somewhere! Re-Think It, Inc hopes to inspire others to Re-view… to Re-think how we live and work, and take the steps to do better!

Reducing energy usage, providing staff Reusable drinking containers, and utilizing Recycled paper products, are just the beginning.

What R We Doing?

Even our amazing packaging is eco-friendly! Each item comes in a custom designed card or sleeve, and “locks” into place using the product’s unique features. No twist ties, No plastics. No cellophane wraps. Just 100% recycled paper and vegetable ink. And you can make the next eco-logical choice…and recycle it again at home! That’s more good news from Dandelion.

Our packaging materials make good eco-sense, but the benefits don’t stop there. Our sleeve system also reduces the overall size of the package. A smaller package size means less fuel is used for transportation. Less fuel + less waste= less impact on our Environment. Dandelion packaging proves that Less is More!

R Community Commitment

Through The Dandelion Foundation, a portion of all sales will be donated to support programs concerned with healthy families and improving the environment.

Stay tuned for links and more info; track Dandelion’s contributions as they grow in the Community. We R just getting started!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce what you buy
Reuse it before you discard it
Recycle it if you have
no further options.

…a worthy mantra for sure. Fortunately, most of us are attempting to master the last of the 3R’s, and we faithfully fill our blue (or in my case, green) recycle bins, instead of our trash cans. But the order of these 3 R’s is significant: if you can accomplish either of the first 2, the last one isn’t even necessary. Recycling is important, but it isn’t the final answer. Reduce, that’s the noble goal!