We’re happy to share this interview with Alexandra Zissu, co-author with Jeffrey Hollender (co-founder of Seventh Generation) of Planet Home: Conscious Choices for Cleaning and Greening the World you Care About Most.

We all want to create the safest homes we can, and few places are as important as the rooms where kids spend many of their sleeping and waking hours.  In this interview, Tanya Lieberman asked:

- What are some small, important, and inexpensive steps that we can take to green our homes?

- How can you more safely renovate a nursery before having a baby?

- Why buy an organic crib mattress, or snug fitting pajamas?  And what’s wrong with particle board furniture?

- Should we be keeping electronic and wireless devices away from our babies’ heads?

You can listen to the podcast with the player below, listen to it with Quicktime, or download it from our free iTunes store!

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