When we asked via our Facebook page for ideas on paying it forward, we hoped for inspiration and thoughts on how to pay it forward ourselves.  Our focus is on small steps that you can use to create big change — we call them seeds of change. And, you didn’t disappoint. In fact, the suggestions were so great that we wanted to memorialize them and ask for more. Please leave your suggestions as comments, and feel free to borrow an idea or two!

“I give the man who stands on the corner a couple of bags of groceries when I can.” –Kristin W.

“I’ve been lucky enough to afford to buy brand-new cloth diapers for my babe. When she’s done with them, I’m donating them to mothers in need.” –Lacey H.

“Dedricks Gifts pays it forward by donating 10% of our Holiday open House profits to Cystic Fibrosis, in honor of Eammon a 4 year old boy who’s Mom is a client. Our staff walks in May for MS in honor of our Gift Buyer who has MS. We continue to buy merchandise from Vendors like you that make a difference in the world.” –William Dedrick

“I will be freecycling my baby’s clothes as she outgrows them, which happens too fast!” –Wendi N.

“We always clean out our closets in January and take a large donation of clothing to the Salvation Army. This year we are taking our clothing to a Thrift store whose profits benefit our local animal rescue group!” — Jennifer C.

We are working to set up a memorial fund to honor our 22 year old son who passed away in October 2010. We want to start out having it be a scholarship fund, and have it eventually be a foundation that offers low cost/free mental health services to young adults. — Suzanna N.

Spending time teaching my 3 year old how important it is to give without conditions. Giving of goods and time. Paying it forward to the next generation. –Haley B.

Our daughter’s clothes were in such amazing shape after she outgrew them that we decided to lend them out to another mom expecting a little girl on the condition that when she’s done with them (NB-2T sizes) that they be lent to another expecting mom. I’m proud to say that these clothes are now being worn by baby girl #5! — Kindra R.

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