Welcome to our new blog!

We started a blog because seeds of change are really important to us at Dandelion. We founded this company not only to grow our own seeds of change, but because everyone can plant the seeds for change. The tiniest change when multiplied by hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands can create real change!

All of us here at Dandelion look at change on a daily basis…whether its some small thing in our offices, like scanning and saving digital images instead of using paper, or looking at a new material like recycled PET fill for toys.

But change is also about changing the world around us. As a company, we offset our carbon footprint with Carbonfund.org. This is an easy step for any company or individual, there’s even a handy calculator on the site to help you figure out just what your carbon footprint is!

One of the first items on our mission statement for Dandelion was that we would give back to our community in efforts that would support change for the people and world around us. This important mission is one that usually suffers greatly with our economy — people just stop donating to the food bank,  supporting environmental causes and simply don’t give to the poor homeless man on the street.  As a family-owned and operated company, we made the decision to give without regard to the economic impact to our company.

That giving back starts with our commitment for ALL Dandelion products to support 1% for the Planet. We set aside 1% of all gross sales to donate for global earth-saving causes. This year we have used those dollars to support The Nature Conservancy and the Ocean Conservancy. 1% for the Planet is a great way for any company to start, but for us that’s just what it was — a start. We also support many other great organizations and fund raising efforts.

Feeding America is one such great organization. When we created our bioplastic corn products we wanted them to not only be a healthy alternative to plastic but also another way to be able to give to our community. The dollars we donate feed thousands of people in our local community who need our help.

The PINK line is our way of helping to fund Breast Cancer Research. Breast cancer is so widespread that anyone you talk to has been affected in some way. We have also been touched by childhood cancer. A dear friend suffers from Neuroblastoma – and so our new Toddler Dolls will allow us to donate to Childhood Cancer Research.

And, we have planted thousands of trees in hopes that our efforts would enable reforestation.

Welcome to our blog, where we want to share other opportunities for you to sow the seeds of change in our own life. All of this is just the beginning of what we hope will be a future full of spreading seeds of hope and change.

Amy Shumway, owner and co-founder

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